• Thrive by learning your unique autism profile, establish healthy habits and set parameters
  • Build self-awareness and social understanding
  • Cope with stress and overwhelming emotions
  • Communicate effectively in personal and work relationships


  • Improve communication among family members
  • Education and support following a diagnosis of Autism
  • Promote healthy social and emotional well-being in your child
  • Increase parenting confidence by understanding the root cause of challenging behaviours

Single Session Therapy

  • Meet with Dori Zener to focus on a specific issue or goal
  • 90 minute appointment followed by practical resources


  • Navigate accommodations and supports in employment and post-secondary environments
  • Build knowledge and confidence to become your own best advocate
  • Advocate for your child’s needs at school and in the community

Job Coaching

  • Understand how your talents, strengths and interests can be turned into meaningful work
  • Design your resume and cover letter to attract employers
  • Connect with supportive employers and volunteer opportunities

Expressive Arts

  • Use creative modalities such as music, art and dance to promote emotional growth 
  • Transform thoughts, emotions, and experiences into tangible shapes and forms

Therapy Options

  • In person
  • Telephone
  • Online video appointments 
  • Email therapy