Erin is a Human Resources professional and a Disability Studies researcher. Their late-discovered autistic identity created a passion for exploring the interactions between neurodivergence and the environment.

Erin is committed to empowering neurodivergent people in the workplace, focusing on environmental adaptation and self-advocacy. Erin’s passion for learning includes degrees and certificates in Psychology, Human Resources, Data Analysis, and Disability Studies (in progress). In addition, their MA thesis (in progress) focuses on stories discussing barriers to autism identity discovery and queering autism.

Erin’s experience in Human Resources includes training, recruitment, policy development, and data analysis. Before academic and corporate work, their previous experience in various industries, including retail, cleaning, and summer camps, created the foundation for their present employment concepts and strategies. Erin also enjoys downtime to go bouldering, camping and hiking through nature with their four-legged friend.