Jasper is a queer, neurodivergent expressive arts therapist (in training) and community arts facilitator. He uses his imagination to stir up creative things. Jasper believes that everyone is an artist, and that we create our own life stories. He also believes in the power of play to transform the world.
He uses his own living experience of neurodivergence, queerness, and mental health challenges to support people in living their best life. He is a white settler, and strives to educate himself so that he can be more anti-oppressive, recognise when he perpetuates harm, and make repairs, in and out of the therapy space. Jasper has his own private expressive arts therapy practice, and is the founder of Getting Bi+ and The Art of Masculine. He has worked/played/created with youth, adults and seniors individually and in groups. Organizations he’s collaborated with include the Bi+ Arts Festival, Maggies, Rainbow West, Yorktown Family Services, and Sunshine Centre for Seniors

You can find out more about Jasper on his website
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