Maxine Share is an autistic advocate, writer, and consultant.  She is a passionate champion of the strengths and abilities of all autistic people.

Autistic Consultant Services:

  • Peer Support
  • Information and education to empower the autistic person
  • Advocacy to elevate the needs of the autistic person in the home, community, or workplace

Fee: $60/hour

Maxine is compelled to broaden society’s understanding of what it can mean to be autistic. She raises awareness and challenges perceptions in her writings with Yahoo News and The Mighty, and through her Autism Goggles Facebook page. Maxine facilitates positive change for the autism community by writing and offering the fun full day workshop ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You and Teachers Don’t Know’, and in her various consultant roles. She has served as an autistic advisor to CAMH as they research the delivery of online Mindfulness program for autistic adults and caregivers.

Maxine has two keen areas of interest: the first is raising awareness of the existence of autistic women and girls, and helping them understand how embracing their autistic identity may lead to  positive changes in well-being.

Her second interest is working toward changes to how our schools support autistic learners–from kindergarten through to post-secondary. Maxine is an advisor to the education minister as a member of the Minister’s Advisory Council on Special Education.

Maxine is excited to join the team at Dori Zener & Associates.