Todd Simkover is a consultant, coach, researcher & public speaker. He has an M.A. in Critical Disability Studies from York University in Toronto. Driven by his own lived experiences of being autistic, he understands first-hand what life is like on the spectrum.  

Todd is a strong advocate for creating greater acceptance of those with neurological differences and promotes a neurodiversity-based model of autism, focusing on strengths and talents as opposed to deficits.  

In addition to being a motivational speaker, Todd is also an emerging entrepreneur through his business, Autism Self-Advocacy Services, which provides self-advocacy education to autistic adolescents and adults in Ontario, Canada. Todd has a particular focus on post-secondary education and the labour market. He completed a Master’s thesis entitled “[Addressing] Barriers to rewarding work: Employment issues among people on the autism spectrum,” which is soon to be published in an upcoming book co-edited by Dr. Kevin Stoddart and Dr. Anne Fudge-Shormans. More details about Todd’s work can be found on his website: