About Us

We are a group of mental health clinicians and neurodivergent peers who are united by a passion to help autistic individuals and their loved ones thrive. The practice emerged from a need for respectful, client-focused psychotherapy and skill development for autistic children, teens, adults and their families.

Our services are guided by a Neurodiversity framework, where individual brain differences are seen as a natural variation of human development. Our therapists utilize the strengths-based INVEST approach to therapy developed by Dori Zener – Identify Needs, Validate, Strengthen, Educate and Thrive.

We have helped hundreds of autistic individuals and their families flourish.

Dori Zener & Associates are proud to collaborate with our community partners on the following projects:

  • Supporting Autistic Mental Health in the Workplace – https://campus.autismnovascotia.ca/RegisterF.php?cid=1372
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Ontario Population study autism diagnosis in girls & women
  • “Peer Support Needs for Women on the Spectrum” – CAMH
  • “Neurodiversity Matters” – The University of Waterloo
  • “Autism Mental Health Promotion – Mental Health Literacy Project” – York University

This website proudly showcases the work of autistic professionals. The web design, logos and several photographs were created by individuals on the autism spectrum.

To learn more about how we can support you or your loved one, please CONTACT US. 

Core Beliefs

  • Autistic individuals are experts in their own experience.
  • People on the spectrum have inherent strengths, talents and abilities.
  • Autistic individuals thrive when they lead lives that are consistent with their goals, values and strengths.
  • Supportive environments are essential to the growth and well-being of our clients.
  • We value and admire the resilience of our clients, and their drive and ability to make meaningful changes in their lives.