Kalea proudly identifies as neurodivergent, embracing her Autism, ADHD, and C-PTSD. One of Kalea’s biggest passions is promoting neurodiversity.
She firmly believes that there is nothing inherently “wrong” with individuals who are neurodivergent and rejects the idea that they need to be “fixed” or changed. Instead, she advocates for challenging the systems we live in, which often fail to consider the unique needs of diverse individuals.
Kalea’s special interests are neuroscience, socially informed medicine, psychology, and you guessed it… autism! She loves competing in badminton, can solve a Rubix cube, deeply adores her Frenchie named Crew, and will never get tired of eating ridiculous amounts of pizza.
The name of this group, Wildflowers, is deeply important to Kalea. She has multiple wildflower tattoos which serve as a constant reminder of resilience, growth, authentic beauty and the ability to thrive despite challenging conditions.