Lindsey is a late discovered/diagnosed queer autistic woman who is navigating the often illuminating, messy, sometimes painful, and wonderful process of understanding neurodivergence that has always been there. She lives in Guelph with her partner CJ, their Scottish Terrier Kevin, Sheltie Mia, and almost 30-year old turtle named Toby.

Lindsey is also a community engaged researcher and is particularly passionate about creative storytelling research within and across diverse queer and neurodivergent communities. She is informed and humbled in this work by ongoing learning around anti-oppression, intersectional feminism, diverse gender and queer identities, and disability justice. She is a 1st-year PhD student at the University of Guelph and is fortunate to learn alongside other autistic scholars and activists, among others.

She also enjoys playing the drums, writing for queer publications like Bisexual Women Quarterly, exploring new neighbourhoods and hiking trails with her dogs, and trying out any and all new coffee shops and cafes.